fast facts

  • Over 100,000,000 sharks are killed every year, that's 190 sharks per minute.
  • It is estimated that in 10 years the sharks will be extinct.
  • Shark Finning is a global problem.
  • Hong Kong is the largest trading centre for shark fins.
  • 27% of Shark fins are from European sources.

shark fins

Shark fins


Shark finning is a huge problem that will effect the health of our ocean ecosystems, sharks have a critical role to play in keeping the marine ecosystems in balance. The only way to save sharks from extinction and protect the future health of our seas is to support initiatives that drive governmental policy change.

dried shark fins

Dried shark fins for sale in a street in Hong Kong

Shark Finning

Every day over 200,000 sharks are killed because of their fins. Once the fin has been cut of the carcass is then discarded back to the sea. At this stage the shark is still alive and will either drown or be eaten alive by other fish.

Shark Fin Soup

The shark fin is used as a main incredient in a shark fin soup, which is a chinese delicacy. The actual shark fin is tasteless, which is why the fin is boiled in a chicken broth to absorb taste. The shark fin soup used to be only consumed by the rich. However, now that the chinese economy is strong and more people come to wealth, the demand for shark fins has increased. At the same time the shark population has dramatically decreased due to shark finning. This wasteful act with lasting consequences must be stopped now!!!

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